Semester Project: NeuroAct Overview

NeuroAct is a semester project that I participated in at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. The goal of this project is to find potential use cases of an EMG armband developed by CTRL-Labs through building game prototypes. My role in the project is 3D/technical artist. The following video gives an overview of what the project is about and what we have accomplished.

I participated in the project in various way. In general, I am in charge of 3D art asset, scene assembly and visual effects realization. We decided that our games would look cartoonish and inviting to mediate the intimidating appearance of the device. Therefore, we decided on a combination of 3D assets and 2D assets, and I created toon shaders to create an overall 2D-like visual.

One of our game is a snowboarding game. In the game, the main character, the gates and a yeti that appears later on are 3D assets, while the background and trees are 2D assets. I also created the snow image effect shader and added screen blur effect to simulate snowstorm. The following video shows detail about the snow image effect shader.

Another experience that we created is a cake making simulation. For this experience, I created the particle effects that simulates chocolate and also created customized shader to show remaining chocolate in the pastry bag.

Despite that, I also helped post-process and edit the promo video(the video at the beginning of this post) and create storyboard for the snowboarding experience.

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